What does happiness mean for you?

The world is now experiencing an unprecedented situation, where daily school life or time with friends and families are forced into a change. In such an ever-changing world, how does the young generations envision their happiness?

Panasonic discussed with middle/high school and university students throughout Japan, and wove their thoughts into lyrics. With this, a brand-new original song “Lodestar” was made by arranging “When the Saints Go Marching In”, which features in the Panasonic TV commercials.
Panasonic Group employees gathered to sing the song in the hope of spreading joy for others.

“Was I wrong? Maybe I could have said it better.
Even if I can't see it yet, there is a way forward.
You're not alone. Open your eyes and remember.
When someone makes you smile, you're also helping others.”

Naomi Osaka’s humming colors up this cheering song, made together with the younger generations.

About Voice

The Panasonic Group brand slogan “Live Your Best,” expresses our desire to continue creating happiness for people and the society in an ever-changing world.
Under this theme, Panasonic discussed with brand ambassador, Naomi Osaka, to discover her thoughts on happiness.