What is Naomi Osaka's joy as an entrepreneur?

In the spring of 2021, Naomi Osaka unveiled her skincare brand KINLO. The name is a combination of both the Japanese and Haitian words for “gold,” which are “kin” and “lo” respectively.

As a homage to her multicultural heritage coming from her Haitian father and Japanese mother, Naomi developed these skincare items aimed at people of color. She also founded “EVOLVE” in spring 2022, a management company providing support to athletes. “We will assist athletes as they open up new paths, venture into unknown grounds, and start up their own businesses,” said Naomi as she shared her hopes for the company. Furthermore, Naomi has become a passionate investor helping to finance sports teams and startups.

When do you feel joy in the business field?
What do you want to challenge as an entrepreneur?
What is important to build an enriched career?

Naomi told us about the future she wishes to create through her work.

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